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Fable – AATMANIRBHAR: Efforts and Faith

Almost all of us have heard the saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” haven’t we?

But how do we help ourselves?

We are just tiny, petty humans in such a vast universe, right?

How can the Almighty expect His little creations to help themselves before He lends a helping hand?

Is it not unfair?

What if I told you that a creature as tiny as a sparrow could help herself as well as others? What if I told you that a tiny sparrow guided a little kid like a bellwether?

Would you believe me?



Well, either way, give this story a read.

A story about Naina, a little girl and her questions regarding Kanha, her God. A story portraying how He answers her questions and how He helps her through a sparrow.

Note: This story is based on Indian mythology. It revolves around Vishnu and his eighth avatar.